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Average Guy DIY is a home project resource for the average guy to do it yourself. It contains projects, tips, and recommended tools.

Check out the projects section for more information on a home improvement project that you might be interested in. The projects contain pictures and explanations of why and how things were done. The featured projects are designed to inspire and motivate you in your home improvement adventures.

The tips I offer are usually geared towards easier ways to accomplish different tasks of the featured projects. However, most of the tips will also apply to other home improvement projects. So, if none of my projects are of interest to you, then browse through the tips for hints on how to make your own do it yourself home improvement projects better.

Been looking at what tools you need to accomplish your home renovation? Check out the tools section! You will find a list of proven tools, why to choose them, how to use them, and alternative uses for them.

Latest Home Improvement Projects

Are you a repeat visitor? Check out what the Average Guy has been up to lately. If you are new to Average Guy DIY, check out these latest home improvement projects and click on the Projects link above for the complete list of projects.

How to install crown molding

Crown molding adds a touch of class to every room. With the correct tips and tools, installing crown molding is easier. Average guy walks and talks his way through his latest home improvement project.

How to install a toilet

Follow along with average guy to learn how he installed a toilet. It is easy to replace that old ugly water hogging toilet you have with a few simple steps.

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DIY Conservatories

Self build conservatories direct from the manufacturer. Styles include lean-to, Victorian, Edwardian or bespoke. Free delivery is included with all our conservatories.

Newest Home Improvement Tips

Here is the list of tips that Average Guy has been benefiting from lately. Check them out and don't forget to see the complete list by clicking on the Tips link above.

Saving caulk for later use

Have a bunch of wounded soldiers? I am not talking about your last party, I am refering to tubes of caulk. Look at my tips on how store the tubes.

Applying a caulk bead

Learn how to get that nice smooth uniform bead of caulk. Tricks to make you next caulk job look like a pro.

Average Guy's Newest Favorite DIY Tools

I love tools. What else would you expect from the Average Guy? Here are some of the tools I have found to be most useful lately. Please click on the Tools link above to see the almost complete list of tools the Average Guy recommends for do-it-yourselfers.

The switch blade action on this knife makes it safer than the standard utility knife. I have young kids and this added safety is a plus. I bought this one to replace my retractable utility knife. I needed two hands each time to open and close the jammed blade because it was gunked up with drywall and plaster. This knife is easy to open with one hand and replacing the razor blades is just as easy.

This is one of those tools that has many uses. More uses than indicated by its 5-in-1 name. It is one tool that I always throw into my tool belt when heading off to tackle a new project. It opens paint cans, prys trim off, removes caulking and so much more. I recommend having atleast two of these around the house.

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